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Hello & Welcome
Our names are Jason and Verna and we have two children, Corban & Kianna who a lovely, energetic set of twins. My primary job is working as a Registered Nurse in ICU, and my wife is a stay-at-home "full-time" Mom! We have two female full-blooded Bernese Mountain Dogs as our family pets that we absolutely love to spend time with. Our children are completely comfortable with them and enjoy their companionship. 
Here at Bernese Family Puppies (BFP), it is our mission, first and foremost to raise the highest quality of healthy puppies around & providing you with a "forever" furry friend that will fill your heart the warm, fuzzy feeling it needs. 
We are NOT SUPPORTIVE of puppy mills. We feel that in order for pets to THRIVE, they deserve to be cared in a clean & friendly environment, with plenty of space to run & play. Our mothers and puppies have daily contact with their humans. Every puppy is up-to-date on vaccinations and dewormer. We feed our pups high-quality puppy food from Nutri-Source to ensure the best health possible. 
BFP has NO secrets.
We invite you to ask questions and
express concerns you may have!